Don’t tell anybody but

I love my funny kid. I love my big odd family. I love my tons of friends. I love my imperfect job. I love my rolypoly cats. I love my wee yellow house. I love my shabby old car. I love my rickety piles of books. I love my chocolate addiction. I love my bitter […]

Here is a thing or two

1. People are whatever shape they are and that’s that. If you want to criticize them, crouch down with your head between your knees till the urge passes. 2. Don’t wait for a traumatized and flooded city to ask for help before you pour out your megamoney and open your megaspace. Jesus. 3. Do you […]

The first week of classes

for me and the kid. At the U, the forecast is for 100+ deg F weather all week. There is always a half-hour backup getting on campus between 8:30-10 am the first week. Also, we have more students than ever AND construction means we’ve lost 900 parking spaces. The Ex went to work extra early […]