Sorry (seasonal theme)

Today is Shrove Tuesday, aka Mardi Gras, aka Pancake Day. I was going to have pancakes with friends. I really meant to. (The kid went to a parade with her dad. She had a mask.) But I barely slept last night and after two lectures in a row and office work, I put myself in […]

Yes, V-Day. Not a problem.

Four days after Valentine’s Day, my divorce will be final. No, I’m not seeing anyone. I don’t want to right now. But I’m not going to sulk or whine about it, FFS. I bought some chocolate for the Kid to give her dad. She will pay me back. And it’s a fundraiser for our church. […]

So, last week

The Kid and I went to IKEA. I bought her a bunch of stuff for her bedroom, but I also finally finally splurged on a new, heavier, and larger goose-down duvet for ME The cover is in exactly the same pattern as the previous, but now all is king size. I am warm! At last! […]

My joy

is my nearly-twelve-year-old. We snap and grumble and yell across rooms to each other and I get mad when she won’t try a new hobby or eat a vegetable and we are both stubborn and jealous of our alone time and like to hoard chocolate and she (like me) is clumsy and forgetful and bookish […]