The Brother

So I am thinking of you today, G, you who would be 50 now, and probably (I like to think) with your own business and a happy marriage and several children. None of that happened. None of what you deserved.

We still need you, but you don’t need us, wherever you are. Do the dead miss the living? I think so, but as emotions are bodily and they are not, clearly “missing” to the late, great, and departed must be a different phenomenon. I’m not being all twee and mystical; I think we will figure out how we exist after death, if we survive as a species; we will persist until we bump up against them – the dead, the afterlife, whatever IT is.

I like to think.

Old griefs, old angers: these too are appreciable phenomena. I miss what you should have been, apart from what you were, to me.

#TheBrother #fambly #thedeparted


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