A Carolyn Hax quote

“To my mind, forgiveness is not about absolving. I see it more as a matter of bringing a broader understanding to what makes people do bad things to each other. So, the perpetrator did something bad, it was that person’s choice and fault–but who comes to such an awful choice without something horribly wrong in […]


An online friend is going home to hospice care; his cancer has spread and is inoperable. I am sad but I do feel gratitude at the grace of his life, the joy he gave with his music, and most of all, the depth and breadth of the love that is flooding towards him.


So on the Twitter, this white dude, an American, who had served in foreign countries and should’ve learnt better, was tapping at an Arab Muslim-American guy and telling him “to go home” and “believe in Jesus or burn in hell,” and other lovely reassuring things. 😡 So the Muslim guy said, “I’m going to prove […]

Oh dear oh dear

The local art store had a one-day sale and I had no idea till we got there & then I was on it like white on rice as my Southern friends say and oh dear.  I don’t even HAVE a single visual arty bone in my body. Don’t matter. #pens #paper #notebooks #hoarding 

Bobby Orr 

is an athlete and a gentleman. The stories of his graciousness are legion. I remember his skill and how he brought life back to the Bruins, but when I think of him now, I think first of his good works. God bless.