If my little mom were here, she would say that this weather was raw – in other words, damp and cold and windy. There’s sun now after a weekend of rain, but despite my barn coat & rain mocs (thank you, Famous East Coast Retailer) and a scarf and several layers, the damp got into […]


Tonight I think I have found the names of some cousins that my great-grandmother visited in Trenton on a trip from Philadelphia in 1912. Now, this bit of news may not interest you at all, but this branch of my family is veeeeery intriguing. They have, or had, a habit of, um…blurring or obscuring some notable […]

Also: hits:

After the election, there was a spike in hits to my site, all from FB. I got rid of that link. To be frank, I’m an ordinary middle middle middle lady, but the sudden flood of clicks made me uneasy.  I watch these things. The stats are barebones and don’t tell me much, but I […]


So I have a friend who got Botox only it wasn’t that but another thing very similar, and the friend has mixed feelings. I don’t have a real objection; each of us has to live with a face as it stretches and grows and evolves and sags, and of course other people have to live […]