Perfume freakery

Those of you who love perfume (hello, Penny!) will rejoice with me when I tell you that one of my favorites, that I had thought discontinued, is still in stock, at least on Am*z*n. It’s called Parfum d’Ete, by Kenzo, and you know how sometimes a scent only improves and mellows and deepens when you’ve […]

sweet, sweet, dark chocolate

Today I wandered into the department office (as you do), in order to return something and take something and punch holes in some other thing, and…there was candy. At first, I just had a KitKat. And maybe one other thing. Then I came back and saw these…these truffles. From Seattle Chocolates. How did I go […]

Those fake $20s

You heard of this pissant habit some Christians-on-paper have? Where they leave mighty pretty ersatz $20 bills as restaurant tips? And they’re really bits of ¬†biblical harassment? What a lovely idea! Because there’s nothing Jesus likes better than when (almost always) privileged twits trick the economically insecure. That’s totally¬†what Our Lord wants. Riiiiiiight. STFU and […]

Alan Rickman

A world without Alan Rickman is a bleaker place. Not because of his startling, quixotic talent or his mocha voice or his self-deprecating wit or his penchant for choosing odd or even exasperatingly bad parts. I admire his daring, I adored his acting; but that’s not why I will miss him. (He deserved more, and […]


I’ve written a great deal about death, in one way or another, in the past few days. None of it, however, is anything I want to publish. I will say two things, though: 1. If you can go on making art as death faces you, and even make art from your death, then you have […]